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Amazon's second generation e-reader with a 6'' e-ink display, five-way controller, and QWERTY keyboard.

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Replacing a Logic board

I have a Kindle 2 that needs a new logic board, I have several methods where I can obtain a logic board so that is not the issue. What I like to know is which part stores the pertinent data that is wirelessly communicated to amazon when connecting to the kindle book store? The logic board or mini-PCI card? For instance, if I was to replace the logic board but use my current mini-PCI card would amazon still recognize my kindle as the kindle I currently have registered to my account? Or would I need to re-register? One of the main driving factors for this question is that I'm aware there are a lot of stolen/blacklisted kindles floating around out there. There are some modestly priced parts on craigslist/ebay. If the data that is used to verify the registered device is stored on the logic board it would be a waste of money for me to purchase the used motherboard and install it if it turns out the logic board comes from a blacklisted kindle. However, if the data is stored/communicated from the mini-PCI card I should have no problem replacing the logic board and use my mini-PCI.

Looking forward to your help/advice!

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Well it would appear that all the information would be stored on the internal memory, which is this little guy here from samsung, as you can see in the teardown. All information would be stored there, not on the logic board, the logic board it unrelated to storing information.

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