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HP's 7" tablet released in April 2013 with a few upgrades over the first iterations. Repair for this device is similar to that of other Android tablets, requiring only screwdrivers and a prying tool. Available as 8 or 16 GB / Red or Silver.

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Why does my screen have lines distorting the picture?

When I turn my tablet on, there are grey lines across the entire screen both vertically and horizontally. I tried restarting my tablet, but it did not work. Do I need to replace my screen, or can I do something to fix it?

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The LCD screen connector may not be fully connected. It's possible for this to happen during normal use, but it usually happens right after doing a repair on the tablet. The only way to fix this is to take the tablet apart and push the LCD screen connector all the way into the port.

Follow the Battery Replacement guide until you get the tablet's back cover off - there's no need to remove the battery. Then remove and re-insert the LCD screen connector, making sure to push it in all the way. Then replace the back cover of the tablet.

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If you had dropped it so hard once or many times, the grey lined will appear , all i know is that LCD screen connector may not be fully connected, as Ryan o Neill said. I will not write it just follow him.


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