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High performance 35mm film scanner.

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The scanner delivers poor results

I bought this scanner around 2001. It worked well until I bought a DSLR. I rarely used it for the next five years. In the past month I began using it again to scan photos of friends who had since died too soon. :-(

It does sound painfully ironic that my scanner appears to have died when my three friends did.

I have searched on the web for a few days. I am starting to believe that I should just send me slides to a pro service, pay $1/slide, and forget about the time to scan. I also want to scan 2.25x2.25 negatives, too.

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I found a person (Alex: abstudios@centurytel.net) via the net who has fixed many Nikon scanners. My other options are: buy an Epson v750m, send the slides and negatives to a service, sell the Nikon for spare parts, repair and Nikon (and if it does not work, sell it for parts), or a combination of the previous.

Right now I have sent a few slides to digmypic. When I see the results, I will be closer to making a decision. I am leaning towards the Epson because it has a current manufacturer, it will have a warranty, it does have the ability to scan several slides of several dimensions simultaneously, and it has an added feature to remove scratches (a liquid "finish").


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I sent the scanner to Alex at abstudios@centurytel.net. He repaired it for $210. He sent me pictures of slides before and after his repair. The sharpness has returned!!!

I may still buy the Epson v740M as my birthday will be soon. That scanner can do larger formatted negatives and more than one 35 mm slide simultaneously.

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I agree - go with a service or get a new scanner. Over the 13 plus years the scanner CFL has probably lost some of the gas making it not as bright (able to make good scans).

Replacing CFLs is not an easy task when you have all the tools, a guide and can get a replacement part. All of those requirements will be near impossible for you to meet.

If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it.

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I had Alex at abstudios repair my Coolscan 4000 ED and he was quick and very good. The scanner is working perfectly now. jimbrittphoto.com

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Hi all,

As far as I know, the Nikon Coolscan V ED (i.e. LS-50) does not have CFL but DELs which have high longevity and should keep bright along time. It shouldn't be necessary to replace them.

Moreover, the scanner is not supported anymore by Nikon since 2013 which means that parts are impossible to find. Many repair shops refuse to repair Coolscan scanners because they can't find the parts anymore. Consequently, I highly doubt that they replaced the lamp.

More likely, the service people simply cleaned the mirror.

The dust issue explains all the problems you mentionned here.

You can clean the mirror yourself and you will save money.

This is not easy but you can do it if you carefully follow this tutorial (the more detailed I found with clear photos):


Note that this mirror cleaning tutorial will work with almost all Coolscan film scanners because they are globally all built the same way.

I personally have the LS-50 scanner and this tutorial explains how to proceed on the LS-5000.

Inside, everything is quite identical and at the same place (of course, the electronic components and the sensor are different).

I had the same issue as you. I cleaned the mirror myself and had the initial picture quality restored.



Don't panic if after reassembling everything/power and running the Nikon Coolscan software, Windows raises a scanner hardware error.

This is because you installed the mirror upside so the scanner can not focus.

Both side of the mirror are composed of a reflecting surface which one side covered by a thick glass.

The reflecting surface must be installed directly in front of the lens (the thick glass is backward).

If you get the hardware error, just reverse the mirror and everything will be fine :-)

Finally, you will probably have to repeat the cleaning operation several years later because the mirror is direclty exposed to the outside dust so you'd better learn how to do it yourself.

Moreover, do not forget to cover the scanner when you do not use it to limit the dust exposure.

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