Why doesn't the volume Control work?

These phones worked great for a week. Then the volume cut down by about half. At first the volume control clicker worked and I could 'click' the volume back up to a usable level. Next day, I could turn the volume up, but I had to keep pressure on the 'volume +' side of the volume control with thumb+finger. So I made a little 'clamp' that worked for a day or two. Then VC stopped working completely. And then the volume is very low and that's it. I have to crank up the volume on whatever device I'm plugged into, just to get a decent volume level, that never sounds as good as it did the week or so before the volume went Out...

Anybody have volume problems with apple earphones with Volume Control? (pictured below) Or any hints? I thought sInce Volume Control worked at first, I thought I'd at least try to open to take a look inside, maybe take it off completely...otherwise these headphones are going in the garbage, or cut up for replacement bits+pieces if useable.

I thought I would ask if anybody had info or tips...useful or otherwise, before I cut the volume control open. I thought maybe somebody might know exactly how to open it up, or take it off completely without further damage yadda yadda yadda Any hints, opinions, guesses whatever, are fine! If I get a n auto "You didn't ask your question correctly" whatever it said...I'll just cut it up for scraps, no prob. Just thought I'd attempt the recycle/repurpose bs first. But this !@#$ 2nd question is almost not worth the bother with my crap typing. So help save the earth with helping me get further use out of these what, 5-7 dollar item! :-) thanks -Mike

Block Image

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