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mid '07 MBP 15" Dead Battery No-Mag Dead 2 the world?

Bought this a1226 with a damaged screen for a 'project' about 4yrs ago. Due to other unrelated happenings in life, it sat in pieces, in a box, until a few months ago. Found a deal on used screen at powerbookmedic, and with a few hints/help from ifixit and PBMedic, got it put back together with no major hang-ups etc. I didn't have the magsafe ps for it, but figured I could use the magsafe from the 17" MBP that is my main comp. They're just about the same age. Plugged magsafe into 15" MBP and....Nothing. No magsafe light activity at all. Press power. Nothing. No lights, or noises. I knew the battery would need a serious charge and left magsafe to charge overnite unmolested. Don't have external batt charger. Tried all the work-arounds/tricks I found here and youtube with no luck at all. If I plug magsafe into 17, green lite turns right on. 15 gets nothing. I didn't mess with logic board much at all. But after no signs of life 1st time, I took it apart again, to see if I'd left something major unconnected. Looked fine. So, replaced thermal grease, reassembled, and still, no signs of life.

Would it do any good, do you think, If I got the battery out of the laptop, on an external charger to try to get a good charge on it. Then try the tricks mentioned earlier to get these bricks to boot?

If anyone has any advise, I'd love to hear it!

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Yes, it would boot to a normal looking desktop. Sections of the screen were nice and clear, just in the shape the cracks took...I didn't fool around with it after that. Shut it down, took it apart...life got in the way, 5 years later, reassembled and is playing dead! :)


There's a small Mac shop down the road. Been meaning to stop in and check it out. Its such a small place, I forget its there...


There are usually 50 PC repair places for every Mac repair place. Macs are much better built and don't break much so you Mac repair guy is poor.


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These batteries usually require a 20% charge of the original battery capacity to boot. If you have an Apple store around take it in and see if they have a charged battery you can test with. Most Mac repair places will have an old, but workable battery for this machine and if you ask right they might let you try one for free. Was the machine working, with the screen exception when you stored it?

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