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1.6 oder 1.8 GHz Dual-Core Prozessor, 2 GB oder 4 GB SDRAM, 64 GB oder 128 GB SSD

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Water Damage. SSD only half storage

Hi everybody,

I got this water damaged device (MacBook Air 11" Mid 2011). A glass clear water run through it, I let everything dry but it wont do anything.

I already took it apart und cleaned all parts with 96% alcohol. The macbook starts and shows flashing folder icon. So it tryed a clean install from usb. I see the internal ssd, but it only gots 60GB, it should have 128. I tryed installing Mavericks to it, but it alwas breaks saying "cant install recovery partition". I then try to install a windows 7 on the ssd, it got a error too.

Right now I'm typing from the water damaged air! I install Mavericks to a usb device. Everyting works fine, all tests were fine. Only Problem ist the ssd. I double cleaned it with alcohol, I baked it in the oven for 7 minutes...nothing...it still reads only 60GB und I always got an error trying to install an OS on it.

Any idea what to do or should I just order an owc ssd? I thing it cant be a problem of the logicboard, must be the ssd itself.

Another problem is the keyboard. Everything works like it should, only the key "6" istn working. I know thats it possible the take out only the keyboard itself, without replacing the whole case. Should I try to clean the keyboard contacts or just replace it?

The bigger problem is the ssd, cause I need to spend 100 bucks for it...anyone ever got this problem after a water damge?

Thank you guys in advance!

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Are you near an Apple Store? If you are bring it in to let them see it. Apple had a bad run of SSD's (not to say yours was one). Ask them if yours is, see what they say.

Otherwise I think the OWC solution is the only option as painful as it is. Look at it this way you could have had a dead air Vs one thats sorta working ;-}

If you can swing it get the the unit with the case to see if it works that way.

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since the computer does see the sdd and the ssd has lost half its capacity and the computer still works otherwise, the problem should be the ssd itself

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I got news! The guy who sold me the macbook got the air in a "professional" shop to let them check it. Of course it was not possible to repair it. They loose some screws and other things, nothing serious....BUT...i got a lable on my ssd which says 128GB Samsung SSD, but the chips on the SSD are from Toshiba! I never had an look at whats says the mac is inside...and gues what...ts064C!! Thats an 64GB ssd drive! The guys in the shop must have taken the fast 128GB Samsung and throw in a 64GB Toshiba (and changed the labels on them)! I guess I have to visit them in the next days....bad its about 1 hour away...

But it cant install an OS X oder Windows on the ssd anyways, so there must be something wrong mit it. I always got the error that the installer is not able to install a recovery partion. I did nvram reset and so on, nothing. I'm realy new to macs, but it must be a hardware failture.

So thanks in advance guys for try to helping me out!


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