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Erschienen im Frühjahr 2014. Ausgestattet mit einem 5,5" Bildschirm. Ursprüngliches Betriebssystem war CyanogenMod 12S. Modellbezeichnung "ONE A0001"

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Is full teardown required for Screen Replacement?

Your teardown guide for the OnePlus One is fairly comprehensive, but what is not clear is whether or not the screen can be removed without a full teardown.

You remove the screen at Step 20 using heat, but can this be done without the first 19 steps?

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yes, pretty much. You have to take all the components out from the phone until its just the screen/digitizer and the midframe. This is important to keep you from damaging any part of the phone while replacing the screen.

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this is because of the high amount of heat required to soften the adhesive and allow the screen to be removed. if you leave the logic board and other componets on the phone they will be too hot and possibly be damaged


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I don't think that you need to do all the first 19 steps ; but make sure that you remove the battery and that you disconnect all the connectors attached to the screen.

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Hello @Vincent, is there a more step by step process to replacing the screen? I have the replacement screen (LCD + Digitizer Piece) and I have seen the break down, but how do you put it back together exactly? if I just disconnect both of the screen connectors, would I be able to use the iopener to remove the screen,or do I need to remove the other components? also after you remove the screen with the iopener? Is there a proper way to attach the screen back? what kind of adhesive to use. thanks


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