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The Jeep Cherokee (XJ) is a compact SUV that was manufactured and marketed by Jeep from 1997 to 2001. Sharing the name of the original full-size SJ model, but without a traditional body-on-frame chassis, the XJ instead featured a light-weight unibody design.

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Why won't the passenger door on my Jeep Cherokee lock?

My front doors wont lock with the lock switch...i can lock my driver door with my key and it will stay locked and i lock my passenger door with my key but it wont stay locked....

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Does the door even close?



I have the same problem but mine acts with none of the power locks work I have to personally go around the car to lock all the doors. Its a Jeep grand Cherokee 1994. Pls help


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You really haven't given anywhere enough information to answer this question. What is your model? What year?

Without this information I'll pass along some information as a shot int the dark:

• If the driver side power lock switch operates

only the driver side front door power lock motor, but

all other power lock motors operate with the passen-

ger side power lock switch or the RKE transmitter,

use a DRBIII scan tool and the appropriate diagnos-

tic information to diagnose the Programmable Com-

munications Interface (PCI) data bus.

• If only one power lock motor to operate with

both power lock switches and the RKE transmitter,

proceed to diagnosis of the power lock motor.

Listen for the mechanism in the door to see if it is in fact locking the door. It will sound like a little motor sliding the locking assembly into place.

Here's a pretty good WJ (Grand Cherokee 99-2004) site: http://www.wjjeeps.com/

A little hunting on the site with reveal there are other model sites linked around there too.

You gotta be more specific when posting questions.

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Look into replacing the door lock switch with one from a junk yard. It sounds like the driver's one is shot, and the pax one is shorted in the open position. Beyond that, you may want to take the lock actuators from the junk yard also, since it will save you a trip if the switches are not the only problem



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agreed +


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My passenger side door , the motor buzzes when you press the lock switch. I tried replacement of the lock assembly but it still does the same thing. All the other doors and tailgate work fine.

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