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A point-and-shoot digital camera by Panasonic identifiable in North America by model number DMC-ZS7

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How to fix a lens that is won't open?

Anytime I turn my camera on it comes up with "system error zoom". It was working perfectly fine then the zoom started acting a little shaky when it was coming out... not being able to focus or zoom long distances or macro shots, then it just stopped opening. I am afraid to take it to a camera repair shop as they usually cost tons of money of which I don't have..... Any help with this would be greatly appreciate. Thank you :)

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I have almost the same issue with a DMC-ZS6.

Do we have someone to help with this?

Thank you in advence.



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Scarlet, " little shaky when it was coming out" sounds like debris between the lens rings. Start by using a vacuum cleaner hose and see if you can get the lens somewhat cleaned. Check on here for some more ideas. If that does not work, you may consider replacing the lens. hope this helps, good luck.

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I agree that the problem is most likely sand or other debris impeding the lens barrels as they extend

If the camera has been to a beach, it is more likely it got sand in the lens. Point the camera straight DOWN as you turn it on and if the lens opens, remove batteries and use a vacuum or a can of compressed air to clean between the segments. Don't try to force the lens either way. also carefully bump the camera a bit on your hand or leg and possibly the detents will re-align. 40 percent of the time, these procedures will help. Good luck.

-Carl Houston

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