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Die dritte iPad-Generation, die am 16. März 2012 auf den Markt kam. Anleitungen für Full 4G und Wi-Fi Modelle. Die Reparatur erfordert Hitze und vorsichtiges Hebeln.

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Cellular 3g antenna torn


I have replaced ipad 3 digitizer successfully, But while removing the cracked one, Top right side piece next to the front camera got torn. without pasting the digitizer i checked following options and all are working.

3g, wifi, Bluetooth,mic sounds, front and rear camera, volume, mute, power, home buttons are fine.

What should i do? do i have to replace the right side part or just leave it as it is and close it back?

I have attached a picture for your reference,

Kindly reply ASAP as I'm wait your respond top proceed to next step.

Thanks & regards

Mevan FErnando

i tired uploading 2 images but it says unknown error

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Tearing an antenna usually degrades its RF performance, your cellular reception will still work but with degraded performance, like maybe slower speed, no service in weak coverage areas, higher power consumption.

The right antenna also serves as the proximity sensor, if it is torn, the cellular module will not properly regulate RF transmit power when your hand is touching the area. So the transmit power may be over safety limit(in my opinion not a problem, the whole idea of cellular signal causes cancer is bullsh1t) or constantly latched to low power setting due to the sensor falsely triggering. This can cause performance issues.

So if you think it is a problem, replace it.

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