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Die zweite iPad-Generation mit WiFi, GSM und CDMA Modellen. Einige Modelle wurden noch einmal aufgepimpt vor dem iPad 3. Die Reparatur ist schwierig und verlangt Hitzezufuhr und Hebeln.

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Is there different LCD for both versions of ipad 2?


Given an ipad 2 with what looks like a faulty LCD. Luckily, I have another ipad 2 for a glass replacement so was simply going to swap them over to prove the problem.

However, this is the first time ive managed to break the power flex cable from lifting the screen!

So was looking for a new replacement, and nne of them matched what I was looking for, compared the 2, and there's a slight difference between the 2 ipad models.

So my question is, before I swap them over, are the LCDs compatible between the two different models? Or would one blow?

The only way I can describe the differences, os that one of the power flexes has a connection at the bottom of the cable, and the other doesn't.

And also, theres an extra part of motherboard going along the the top of one and not on the other.


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Two version iPad 2 Power Flex Cable( New and Old)

Old One


New One


But their LCD Screen not different.

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Fantastic, Yeah I already bought the flex cable, but didn't want to chance the LCD!



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