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Das Modell A1238 / 80, 120 oder 160 GB Festplatte / schwarzes oder silbernes Metallfrontteil

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PART of click wheel not working-Can you replace 2 logicboard buttons?

I'm having a problem similar to the "iPod Classic NOT RESPONDING to any touch!" thread.

The bottom 'play/pause' button doesn't work well and the 'skip back' button doesn't work at all.

I took the device apart and have found the 2 problem buttons aren't clicking like the others. You can literally hear the 'click' when I press the working buttons but the bottom button barely makes a sound and the right is silent.

They all FEEL like they're clicking but, I don't know. I'm guessing the buttons have just 'gone bad' or something? There's a lot of data on this ipod and was wondering if its possible to just replace the 2 buttons?

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ok. I'll try that. Thanks a bunch :)


Well, the person I was fixing it for changed their minds xp

BUT I have a nano around here somewhere with the same problem so still, thanks much for the info!


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ali, What you can do is measure the switch itself first. Attach the leads from your multimeter to the bottom two contacts, you should see that the switch does have some resistance, and total continuity when depressed. If the switch itself checks out okay, you may have to replace the logic board. If the switches do not work, you 'could' try to replace those. It will be difficult to find the right microswitches. You could purchase a broken iPod or a non-working logic board at places like Ebay. then unsolder the switches and exchange them. BTW the switches are the same on a 5th gen. Video. Hope this helps, good luck

Block Image

Block Image

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@oldturkey03 any chance you might have a link that shows how to replace this type of microswitch? I have a situation where the Forward button on the wheel does not respond and I have confirmed that the switch is defective. I see the solder points on the 4 corners, but since there is plastic on the switch itself, was hoping to see a video of one being done. Thanks


@krams sorry but I sure don't have a link. It is possible to solder this with the right soldering iron and technique


Thanks @oldturkey03 ! Upon closer examination, these switches appear to be mounted on a very small pcb where the corners soldered to the main board. To get one off the board is it just a matter of desoldering the 4 corners?


Yes, that is what you have to solder.


@oldturkey03 - Posting this as an update to my issue with the scroll wheel. I eventually got around to attempting the replacement of the switch. Interestingly I was able to get past the problem WITHOUT actually using the 'soldering' option!

The switches have a sticky film holding down a convex metal piece which when pressed completes the circuit. I was able to replace just this part by carefully removing the tape and the metal piece and replacing one from another board. The button works fine now! Not sure if this is a long term solution, but as long as the contact points under the metal piece are clean, I think this solution should last.


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