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Why will iPod not respond to PC via USB?

I have several iPod nano 2G's that don't respond to a USB connection to a PC, but will respond when connected to the firewire port. Of course I can't sync the iPod with the firewire connection, but the batteries charge and the iPod comes to life.

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Ken, I know that is an old question, but it never got resolved. Anyhow, if you iPod charges on Firewire but not via USB, change the battery. It sounds like you battery needs the extra power supplied by a Firewire port, in order to charge. Hope this helps :-) even so it is almost 2 yrs later.

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I found a very simple fix. I know this will sound silly. But i had the same exact problem and all i did was blow into the connection port of the ipod.. Then i plugged it in and it worked. I tried everything else for days and the thought of those old nintendo cartridges came to mind.. I thought ha wouldn't hurt to try.. I was blown away man But it worked! :) I'm syncing my Nano as I'm typing this. Try it, Good Luck.

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