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The Nokia Asha 200 is a dual-SIM smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard. Originally released in December of 2011.

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My browser is not responding nokia asha 201

my browser is not responding, i cant access internet... please help

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hi, i hope you still have that Nokia phone ,i faced the same problem and was highly frustrated,tried restoring more than ten times it did,t work .you know what, i discover that after using a sim to do restore many times it sometimes harm the sim,it will be working but the capacity would be reduce,so if you can change your sim all the better,then the magic of mine came when i took a photo with my phone camera pls make sure there is no memory card when you do this, then try to send the picture by clicking on send thr email not Bluetooth in the photo app of your phone it will freeze after about 30 mins you ,ll see some app responding .keep trying over and over more apps in your phone ll come to life.Just be patient after a restore,use it with a Nokia suite and change the sim. but don,t throw the phone away or give up Aina.

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