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The Ibanez V300 Acoustic Guitar from the 1980's series. A six stringed acoustic guitar with symmetric head.

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Why doesn't my guitar produce a fuller sound?

Why doesn't my guitar produce a fuller sound? It sounds like some of the treble tones are lacking from the sound when it is strummed.

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Depending on the body style and shape the tones are different. You can expect a fuller tone with a dreadnought, a full size acoustic, where as if you have a Grand Auditorium, a small more form fit; it wont produce that full sound your looking for. Also buying a lower end acoustic usually won't sound as good as a Martin, Taylor or Gibson.

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how old are the strings? the older the string the worse it will sound and again its in the quality and the type of string you use as to the sound you get from your guitar. http://www.guitaradventures.com/best-aco.... go to a reputable guitar shop and ask someone in the know what the best strings are for your particular guitar

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Acoustics can vary from location to location. The covering (or lack of covering) on floors, ceilings, windows and the type and amount of furniture or bodies in a room can alter sound quality.

A cheap or poorly constructed instrument will not produce the quality of sound a better constructed one. Some guitars are designed for fuller lower notes. See this article.

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