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Das iPad Air 2 ist der noch schlankere Nachfolger des iPad Air. Es wurde am 16. Oktober 2014 angekündigt.

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ipad air 2 Ram question

hello i have a question about the Ram in ipad air 2.

which is better two chip 1GB = 2GB or 2GB in a single chip?

which is faster or better, in general?

Thank you

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2 x 1GB Chips, as this way they run in dual channel, thus slightly faster.

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True, if and only if:

The DRAM controller supports dual channel interleaving AND

The two chips each support the full data-bus width desired AND

The PCB design has the room necessary to support the larger trace count and DRAM package size.

For example, if the system data-bus width is x16 and 2GB is desired, the design could be accomplished with:

1) One "rank" or "channel" of two 1Gx8 chips (1GB per chip); or,

2) One "rank" or "channel" of one 1Gx16 chip (2GB); or,

3) Two "ranks" or "channels" or two 512Mx16 chips (1GB per chip).

The first two implementations are the same performance; only #3 is any faster!

Hope this helps!


Ah ok, I see, thanks for the info!


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