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A mountain bike released by Trek in 2003

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What is the psi recommended for pumping up the tires?

I know road bikes need like 100psi, but since this is a mountain bike what should I pump them up to?

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The recommended psi for the tires on this bike is 40-65 psi. This can be accomplished using a standard manual bike pump or a compressor with a bike attachment. It is important to check the psi of your tires after inflating them.

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Look on the sidewall of the tire.

Generally mountain bike tires have a lower pressure than a road bike, but it is important to read the specifications stamped on the tire. Also, if you are riding on the road primarily, you might want a higher pressure to fight rolling resistance.

If you are riding loose dirt, mud and that sort of thing, you might want a slightly lower pressure than what is listing as MAX on the tire. This will give you a better handling bike.

If you are riding a mountain bike on pavement, use slicks or semi-slick tires. These usually have a higher pressure. The specifications depend on the type of tire, and terrain.

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