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Manufactured in 2004/ 2 gallon tank/Oilless Compressor/ Model number FP204800/ Repair for this compressor is straight forward.

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Why is my compressor so loud?

When in use, my compressor is excessively noisy and sometimes rattles as well.

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I took the shroud off mine WL611105AJ I took the shroud off the motor fan and when you toch it it squeeks I sprayed it with contact cleaner and it ran quite then stared squeeling again is the a part no for the bearing behind the fan it is in front of the brushes.


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Check to make sure the pump is level. Remove shroud and check for loose components in the compressor. Tighten all loose components accordingly. If the rattling still continues, it is most likely a problem with a bearing or cylinder in the pump assembly. You will need to replace the Pump Assembly.

Happy Fixing

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