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2,3GHz, 2,6GHz oder 2,7GHz Quadcore Intel Core i7 Prozessor (Turbo Boost bis zu 3,7GHz) mit 6MB geteiltem L3 Cache.

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Why is my MacBook turning off?

I have a MacBook Pro that I recently replaced the logic board in. The logic board I installed should be fine (absolutely no liquid or any other damage). When I turn the MacBook on, it comes on normally with the chime and the screen turns on, but the fans race at full speed. It starts to load into OS X (Apple logo appears) but after about 6 seconds it shuts down. I've tried the pram/smc reset to no avail. I was hoping to check if the logic board was covered by AppleCare but there isn't a serial number on the board. Any ideas how I might troubleshoot the issue? Any words to the wise are appreciated!

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Do Not take a chance. Run to a Service Provider soon as possible. Instead of solving the issue by yourself, it's better to consult an authorized Apple service provider. They can quickly help you , solve the issues. One of the place which I can recommend is http://www.venture.ca/ . They are Authorized service Providers and Reseller.

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