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10.1" tablet released in February 2014, powered by a custom version of Android 4.4 KitKat, and identified by model number: SM-T520NZKAXAR

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Need help repairing cracked screen?

Can't seem to find anywhere on the net where I can purchase a new screen nor can I find any relevant DIY guides. Any ideas? There are guides out there but not for the 10.1 TAB PRO.

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Funny. I cracked my screen almost the same day as you, and I've been looking too. No joy..


My local carrier (Verizon) can fix this, but they quoted me $199 - outrageous given that price is over 1/2 of what the tablet costs new!!!

I also called Samsung and was told that they too could fix it for the same price (which I'm guessing doesn't including shipping).

I asked both places if I could just purchase the glass digitizer for the tablet, and was told "NO". After escalating this with Samsung (ie. speaking to an agent in a departement called "Executive Customer Relations" at 18007267864) I was (again) told that Samsung does not sell parts to customers, but to get me off the phone they gave me the number/website of the place they get their parts from = JJ Parts at 1-800-627-4368 / www.samsungparts.com. The part for my Galaxy Tab SM-T520 was not listed online, so I called JJ Parts ... they quoted me a price of $260 !!!! Clearly people are just trying to take advantage :-(

Would also be grateful for any other leads .. thank you.


This is why alot of users are turning to buy from China... they have good quality replacement! Bearing in mind that almost everything is China made anyway.


Ya.Mine shattered.It don"t look too hard to fix if glass was reasonable price.


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I found these 4 videos on how to place the digitizer tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro SM-T520 hope will be useful





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