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Released on April 2014, this 16 GB Oppo Find 7a is the cheaper version of the Oppo Find 7. To distinguish the Find 7a from the 7, remove the back panel as well as the battery. There should be two serial number stickers that say X9000 where the battery lies flush to the phone.

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How do I change the language from Chinese to English?

I am a native English speaker and I have switched the Oppo X9000 to English under the Language settings; but whenever I type in English, the phone auto-corrects my text into Chinese. Is there any way I can disable or change the auto-correct language?

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Only the face on the mobile like contacts etc.are in different language which is to be correwcted in english language.


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To change the keyboard language from Chinese, or any language, touch the option on the right of the 'Enter' button which is located on the bottom right corner of the key board.

If your phone's operation language is not in English, press the 'Applications' button which looks like a 4 by 4 grid of grey squares. The find and select the 'Options' application which looks like a mechanical gear with a green rim. At the top of the options screen, there is a row of 4 option sub-categories and select the one that has looks like a the outline of a phone. The option with the letter 'A' is the language selection option. Touch that option and select the English language or the language you prefer.

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If all else fails, get a second phone and launch Google Translate on it.

Google translate has the ability to use the phone camera to translate Chinese to English on the fly.

See if you can find the language setting in the app using this method.

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How to change Oppo theme store

China language to English

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Heading text''* italic text# Hit <enter> to insert another list item, and <enter> twice in a row to end the list. To get subitems, repeat the bullet character once for each level of indent you want (e.g. ##)''

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Same issue for me. While the interface is in English all the core applications and the OPPO store interface is in Chinese. If anyone has a way to over come this please post. Thanks.

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