Any quick fix to charge one last time (bad USB)?

Sadly, my HTC One M8 has been having worsening charging problems, needing more and more wiggling before it will charge, and charging very slowly when it finally does. Pain that it has been, it has never failed to eventually charge until now.

My replacement is due to arrive tomorrow. I was waiting to do the backup once I was ready to transfer, so I had the very latest data -- now I have nothing since the last backup weeks (and many apps and settings) ago.

Is there some quick and dirty temporary fix or trick (like putting foil in the port to make a connection? haven't tried, just an idea) to get it to charge up one last time. No damage to phone/port though, as it must be returned.

Edited to add: I've tried different cables and both a laptop and wall connection, with no difference.


(Many of the answers I've read here advise removing battery, which is not possible with this phone -- its only big drawback, IMO.)

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