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iPod Touch got wet, won't turn on

My iPod Touch was exposed to a little water spray. It was dried quickly and continued to work. The next day it went dead and it won't start.

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well you voided your warranty, because they have a substance hidden in the headphone jack connector that will turn red when exposed to water.. try a reset. press the power and home button at the same time for maybe 10 secs till the apple comes up (hopefully)

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Thanks Michel, I tried to reset it every way possible-no luck. Is it servicable, should it go to Apple or will I do better somewhere else?


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first of all - forget the idea of bringing it to apple - they don't care.

there is something you could do:

disassemble it using the logicboard guide for your model

you will find some white/greenish residue on the logicboard

get isopropyl alcohol (>90%) and clean those parts carefully with a soft paintbrush - the residue is conductive and shortens the parts - thats why the iPod won't work.

let it dry after you're done and then reassemble it, if it's not powering on, try to charge it

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