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Risks of short-circuiting Li-ion battery?

I received a new Haier Li-ion battery (haier h11255) for my cell phone and although it seems identical to the old one, it does not work. After some tinkering I discovered that the 4 'pins' on the battery are in another order then they should be. I can easily fix this by connecting two of the pins, which I tried using a paperclip. Is there any risk doing this? If so, what are they?

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Definitely get rid of that battery. One of the four pins is used to measure BTemp (battery temp.). When it's temp. is beyond a specified range, the battery will stop charging to prevent overheating. Unordered pins are a bad sign.

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Return the battery and get the correct one. Don't chance it!

The battery can explode or catch on fire if sorted.

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