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Die Nintendo Wii Spielekonsole erschien Ende 2006 und wurde bis 2011 produziert.

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Which parts to replace for disc read error?

Hello, I have a Nintendo Wii that I have owned for probably about five years. Recently, it started to have some issues. At first, it wouldn't turn on; it wouldn't even show the red light that indicates that it is plugged in when it was plugged in. I fixed this by plugging it into a different outlet and then back into the original outlet. At this point, super smash Brothers brawl started encountering disc read problems. The Wii always recognizes it when it is initially put in, but then at some point in between loading the game and actually starting a game of brawl, it says that an error has occurred--disk read error. Sometimes this happens while brawl is loading, sometimes you actually get to the character selection screen, at which point it will always encounter the problem if you try to start the game and choose a stage, but if you leave it on the character selection screen for long enough, the music occasionally cuts out, the disc stops spinning, starts spinning again a couple of times, then eventually gives up and gives the error. Also, the original wouldn't turn on error happened once again on the same day, and I solved it the same way and it itself doesn't come back again. when attempting to run other games, such as just dance 3, they usually work, but occasionally they too will encounter a disk read error, this time on a black screen instead of white.

Yesterday I opened up the Wii, and cleaned the laser with alcohol on a Q-tip. This did not solve the problem. I also watched the red laser light while it was trying to read games, and noticed that specifically mean the problem occurs, the laser keeps flitting almost back-and-forth ( it moves down about a millimeter, then another, then another, and then goes back to its original position ). While doing this, the motor makes little Kkk noises for each movement. When the problem is just barely overcome, this stops happening, and the desk restarts spinning. Usually though, this behavior results in a disk read error.

Basically, I was just wondering if the laser is the correct part of the Wii to replace, or if there is any test I can do to tell. I read online that if there is no red .the laser definitely needs to be replaced, but this is not the case. Also, this problem could possibly be related to the other power problem, although I'm not sure how.

Currently I am just planning on replacing the disk read laser,that I am new to this and want to make sure this is the correct course of action.



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Yes, the laser is the only thing that needs to be replaced the majority of the time. Follow the directions on this site. The lasers run $12-$13

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