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Die fünfte, auf Android basierende Generation der Galaxy Smartphones von Samsung ist seit dem 11. April 2014 auf dem Markt. Zu den Verbesserungen gehören der Fingerabdruckscanner, eine erneuerte Kamera, ein größeres Display und Wasserresistenz. Es ist in vier verschiedenen Farben verfügbar: Schwarz, blau, weiß und kupfer.

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How do I change the sim card port?


so I just got an unlocked S5 and my micro SD card part to the sim memory card module is working but when I put in my sim card for calls its saying no sim card found and Ive taken it out and put it back in many times. I've also put in other sim cards from At&t and T-mobile (since its a GSM phone) and none works and it says the same thing "no sim card found". So I was wondering if it was just the Sim Memory Card Reader Module and I wanna change it out to test it but I've googled and it only gives me the galaxy series up to s4 when changing the sim card port.

please help me in telling me how to change it out

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+1 in need of ideas.


Have the same problem. But my phone get wet and everything else is working. Those white things under battery ended up red so I think there is no use for trying to get it through varranty, or?


Interesting!!! Me too. I have the same issue. Out of the blue my sim reader just stopped working and says no sim card. Frustrating when my phone otherwise is in immaculate condition. I'm really upset about it, but am at a loss. Is this a common issue now that i see others with the same problem


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From your description it sounds like the problem is in the SIM Reader Module and not the cards. If that's the case, you probably need to replace the module, which would require replacing the motherboard. There's a guide for that procedure (Samsung Galaxy S5 Motherboard ersetzen), but you'll need to acquire a motherboard from somewhere else.

Here's a link on eBay that has the parts you'd need to do the replacement.

When replacing your motherboard, you should also transfer your rear and front-facing cameras from your old motherboard to your new one.

Hope this helps!

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