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Will DTC Jupiter LCD dry after it has been soaked in cologne?

Hi! My phone has been soaked in cologne for 30 mins, I think...

I'm was taking my exam at the time and was not allowed to open my bag. It was after the exam that I knew my phone was soaked.

It appears to be working perfectly fine. No shuting down, no speaker malfunctioning, no touch screen problems.

But it still wet, I can see dark areas on my LCD screen. I have already try drying it out for a day now and there are still dark areas on the LCD.

I'm afraid that if I didn't bring this urgently on the phone shop repair nearby, it may be damaged because of the wet LCD.

Do you suggest that I will still wait few days for the LCD to dry out? Or should I go to the shop immediately?

Thanks for answering. I know my english sucks, it's not my mother tongue. Sorry!

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Su Inglés no es malo, sólo su estructura de la oración. Lo limpié un poco para que sea más legible. Esperemos que supuse su lanuage nativa correctamente aquí. ;-}


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Sadly cologne has oil in it which won't quickly evaporate, the alcohol has likely fully evaporated by now.

The question is how expensive will it be to replace the LCD panel and clean up the remaining spill vs getting a new phone.

I wouldn't wait too long here as the some of the scent ingredients still in the oil could be corrosive.

If you have any information or pictures on the phone you don't want to loose I would at least make backup copies.

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You mean, i really need to replace the lcd and it isn't possible if someone can just open my phone and wipe any trace of cologne there? And you think I must replace it immediately? Well if you're saying it's corrosive to skin, I really don't think so.. It's just a baby cologne after all.. Thanks dan, I appreciate it!


Sadly, the work needed to take the LCD apart (removing the cover glass) may infact kill the LCD so we often just replace them as its cheaper! As for the corrosiveness of the cologne: your skin in some ways is tougher than some of the electronics inside your phone! The issue is a matter of time it is soaking. Think of it this way washing your hands is no big deal, but soaking in a tub your skin gets water logged. Baby cologne? I've not heard of cologne for babies. Are you talking about baby lotion or baby oil which one puts on the baby to protect the babies skin?


Got it.. What if I left it just like this and won't bother fixing my cloudy screen? You think my phone will still survive for months? Youre talking about how delicate those small inside my phone right? You think they will still function well? As of the moment, i'm not encountering any problem with my unit for 2 days now.. I found out that replacing its LCD worth more than a brand new phone with the same specs.. And I think I might not have enough money to buy new phone.. I'm just a student, so you'll know.. about the cologne.. Yes, i know its baby cologne because it makes me smell like one. Haha. And it's inline with those other baby produts.. Btw, its johnson and johnsons baby cologne..


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