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Model A1138 / 1440x960 screen resolution

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After I dropped my computer I lost access to the Airport card.

I have read your step-by-step guide to access the Airport card in the computer to see if it may have disconnected. I'm hesitant to open up the computer and go through the 13 steps and only to discover that it's not the same model as shown in the guide because I saw that there are different models.

It is a an aluminum powerbook5.8 with a PPC 7450 and was bought in November 2005. Is it a Model A1138 or where do I go to look up the Model number? Would I need such a model no. to replace the airport card?

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Everymac is the definitive source if you have some decent information to start with - and you do.

You have the correct guide, and, as projects go this is not that bad.

Be sure to study the guide and notes (not just look at them) before you begin. Obtain the recommended tools (every job goes easier with the proper tools). Keep all the screws separated

To test the unit it doesn't have to be completely reassembled to see if the connector or card is damaged. . . You could just connect speaker and the trackpad ribbon and rest the top case on the lower part and DC charger to see if you have a signal - if it's all good power off, remove the DC in and go back and put in all the screws.

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