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Identifiable by the model number S7562, the Galaxy S Duos is a dual sim card smartphone made by Samsung.

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Why my mobile phone wont turning on?

I bought my phone 1omonths ago.then last month i use it while charging but its not the last time i did that.i dont know what is the reason. I did my researchabout my situation. I tried the hold down the volume up,home key and switch button but its not working.please help me thanks

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1. does it still have warranty? if it does then have it checked at the place u bought it. if its factory defect, maybe they can have it replaced for free.

2. remove battery, hold power button for 5 seconds, return battery and turn on.

3. charge your phone using charger, with your own battery.

see if its charging, if not try another charger.

if it doesn't work, try using another battery.

leave it charging for 15 mins then try turning it on.

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