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The iMac G5, powered by the PowerPC G5 processor, was originally released in 2004.

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Computer recognizes drive but I can't erase or initialize

Hello, I recently purchased a 3 TB Toshiba internal hard drive that I want to use as a second drive in my Duel Mac 2Ghz PowerPC G5. The computer recognizes the drive but I cannot erase or initialize the drive. I'm running Mac OS 10.4.11. Any help would be great, thanks!


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More than likely you are having a SATA problem. The HD you recently purchased may promise to be backward compatible or automagically self limiting (and should be) but I belive it's not working.

Your ID fits 5 different versions of the G5 box, but all use SATA I HD's.

You may be able to manually set the SATA speed of the drive. If not you may want to try a different SATA cable or need to find a different drive.

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I think the problem is my computer uses ATA, not SATA, for the internal hard drives.


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