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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the Acer Aspire V5, a series of laptops on the Windows OS by Acer.

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I cant enter the bios!

How can i enter the Bios of my Acer Aspire v5 431-471 laptop? I would like to repair the OS. BTW, the OS is Windows 8. This happened when using tune up disk doctor, i was doing a thorough analysis then i restarted it after it lagged. Then this Operating System Not Found message appeared. So can you help on how can i get into the bios so i can repair the OS?

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my hard disk crashed on my acer aspire v5, i want to replace the hard drive. pls how can i go to into the bious to boot from CD ROM or USB ? pls kindly help me.


hi.i have same problem.i used bootable usb with some file transfear bootable program.do not waiting to program fully load,i remove the usb stick,then i can get to the bios.changed boot priorities,but it wont save no f10 no save and exit.then i just changed from uefi to legacy,so now i can install windows,but only from dvd and i still cant go to bios setup without that bootable program.anyway there i can change just from uefi to legacy...so installed w8 and just using till next "operating system not found"

it is motherboard problem i think.


Hi . everion.

i have the solution.

firds : you need format the new hard disk in other computer with os wondows 10 or 8.1.

second: disarm the acer Aspire v5 and remplace the hardisk .

it´s all...


I hаd a ѕіmіlаr іѕѕuе, соuldn’t gеt tо BIOS menu оn mу Acer Aspire.

Fіnаllу I mаnаgеd tо rеѕоlvе thе рrоblеm

Follow thіѕ guіdе hеrе: http://bit.ly/AcerBios

Hоре thіѕ hеlрѕ


Check here how to enter Bios on Acer laptop:-



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I know this thread is over a year old, but I actually got the same notebook from a friend and I'm reusing it as as NAS, and I was facing the same problem.

My first attempt was unplugging ac, battery, and bios battery (at least 24h) but it didn't resolve anything.

Then I discovered why: UEFI and FastBoot are enabled, so your keyboard-interactions won't work @ startup. So what is starting up? The Windows BootManager. Then I tried following: When you insert a windows installation media (DVD/USB) it WILL start this one up.

When you get so far, try a FirmwareRepair (not necessarily) because /at least for me/ after inserting the Installation Media (!mportant that it is from Windows) I could enter the BIOS again, then changing from UEFI to Legacy/FastBoot-Disabled

Hope this helps anyone who's facing the same problem


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YES, I had same problem entering bios acer aspire v5 571p. so I figured it out on mine. I have windows 8.1, unable to use any keys to enter bios. must use windows to get to bios. boot up computer normally, go to RECOVERY options, then ADVANCED options,>>>UEFI start up[select this] and it will reboot straight into the bios. good luck!!!>>>TOM B.


What kf it wont go into bios at UEFI ?


This method worked for me but some machines are different. keep looking at people's solutions and you should figure it out. good luck>>>TOM

ps>>what does 'kf' mean?


Typo sir, should read 'if'.


Hi Cindy, I would like to help you but I am not a 'computer' wiz. when I have a problem I usually 'google it' and most times will find a solution. I found this link for you I hope it helps.>>>


taking out the cmos battery may solve your problem.

finding out how to do that go to you tube video. there's just about everything on there.>>GOOD LUCK>>>TOM


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turn on and turn off immediately on acer logo 3 time but at 4rth do not press power button again press f2 u will be in bios

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Worked perfectly! Thanks!


Worked like described. On 4th start I'm in bios


It really worked. Don't forget to do the exact same thing he told.


Ok, it did attempt to enter BIOS. But there is a password. I didnt set it, so I don't have a clue what it may be. Any easy fix? The only area I can get into is command prompt and diskpart. I have no experience using either one, but I did refresh it about three months ago via command prompt. If anyone has suggestions? Help!


didn’t work for me. F2 still gave no bootable drive. I have tried everything to access the BIOS. Nothing works. Any suggestions


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Here is how to Open UEFI BIOS settings in Windows 10

1- Open the start menu.

2- Select Settings.

3- Next, select the Update and Security option.

4- Once the window opens, click on Recovery.

5- You will be able to see Advanced Start up. Under Advanced Start Up , click on Restart Now.

6- Click on Troubleshoot.

7- Next, advanced options.

8- Click-UEFI firmware settings

9- Finally hit Restart.

Source:- http://merabheja.com/open-uefi-bios-sett...

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pour entrer au setup / bios / boot....

seulement brancher une clavier extern et ca march bien


worked like magic , bro your the best may God bless you if you believe in him


Great it worked for me happy days :)


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How to access the recovery partition

The recovery partition is available only if your partition is undamaged! If the partition is corrupt, use the recovery DVDs instead.

Restart your computer

Press F9 repeatedly before the Windows logo appears, right after the Asus logo appears

Select Windows Setup [EMS Enabled]

Follow the wizard steps

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Download this file



Format usb key using fat32

Put file into key

Follow these steps:

  1. Battery Out
  2. AC out
  3. Press power button for 10sec and release
  4. Insert USB KEY
  5. Press and hold FN + ESC
  6. AC cord in
  7. Press Power and release
  8. When FAN is running at High Speed release FN+ESC.
  9. Wait till machine reboots or FAN stops running.

Thank me Later.

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It has been blank screen and (i assume) high speed fan noises for over 12 hours, any idea?


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My pc Acer aspire v5-431 error bios i can't F2 for into boot my pc,how can i fix this problems?

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I had exactly the same problem. Thank God I eventually solved it.

Mine gave me a really tough time because I had formatted the HDD so I could not boot into windows to change the startup settings.

I plugged the drive into another Acer laptop and tried installing the OS, which was successful but another problem showed up when I fixed it on my Acer - "operating system not found".

Luckily for me my Acer could boot the HDD of the other Acer laptop, which already had windows 8 on it.

I boot into windows, clicked on "restart" while holding "shift" and bingo! It gave me the menu where I could select UEFI startup.

I hope you find this a lil helpful.


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Several people here have said that Fast Boot completely disables keyboard interactions early in the boot sequence. This isn't actually true; the keyboard interactions are still there, it's just that, with Fast Boot, the early portion of the boot sequence is so fast that there's almost no time to press the keys to get into the BIOS. You basically have to know the right key ahead of time and start mashing it furiously the moment you press the power button, and even then it'll probably take a few times, but you should eventually manage to hit the key during that split-second window where it'll get you into the BIOS setup.

Proof: I eventually managed to get into the BIOS of my Aspire V5-122P (yes, I know it's a slightly different model of Aspire V5 than the OP's, but Fast Boot works the same on all Windows 8/8.1 machines) using the built-in keyboard (I was trying to get into the BIOS to disable Secure Boot so I could install Ubuntu 16.10 alongside Windows; I didn't know at the time that Ubuntu has supported Secure Boot since 12.10).

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pour entrer au setup / bios / boot....

seulement brancher une clavier extern et ca march bien =='''

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