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This laptop was released in September of 2010, Identified by model number Inspiron N5030 or Inspiron 15. It is an all black laptop with a DELL logo in the center of the top cover, a mouse pad with separated left and right key buttons, and a disc drive on the right hand side of the computer.

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7 beeps and won't turn on

It beeps 7 times and won't power on. Just a black screen

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Two possible solutions:


The seven beeps means a CPU issue. Unplug the AC adapter/charger and take out the battery, then hold down the power button of the computer for 15-20 seconds. Then plug in the AC adapter and try to power up the computer.

If that doesn’t work….


Video to replace CPU:


and where to get parts.

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I am sorry, this does not look like one of the easy and/or cheap things to fix. 7 beeps is processor failure. The processor on this is permanently mounted/soldered to the motherboard through a BGA (Ball Grid Array). Your options are to sell it for parts, reflow, or reball the chip and/or replace the motherboard. The members here at iFixit can advise you with any of the aforementioned solutions you chose to follow.

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The CPU is not soldered to the board on this model. It is mounted in a socket P socket.


It’s socketed mate…


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The 7 beep has an easy fix. It the same way you fix the red ring of death on an Xbox 360. Block /stop fan from spinning. Then Turn it on and Wrap it in a blanket. Now let it over heat I'd say about 10 minutes. Unwrap it, unblock the fan hit the power once to turn it off and once to turn it on. I'm about 90% sure your Dell just fired up like it never had a problem. Now this is not permanent as long as it's on it will continue to function great. But if you turn it off some times even for a second, you'll have to repeat the procedure to get it to start again. But hey it still better than not functioning at all.

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