Das Samsung Galaxy S4, Modell i9505, ist mit einer 13 Megapixel Rückkamera und einem 5 Zoll 1080p Display ausgestattet.

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Screen cracked, and AMOLED is discolored

I have this device and I want to know if there is a way to fix the screen's discolorization, its dark where there is a crack, not sure what the reason is. This is a picture of it, not sure if I can maybe use a heat gun or something to relieve the pressure?

Block Image


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Thanks old turkey. I do not think it is worth it to fix it, so I am going to to use it as is until the price for parts comes down (hopefully) or get one to Frankenstein it with.

For some reason the S4 active LCDs are cheaper, but right now the S4's screens are 2/3 the cost of a used phone(!!!) and this is a 2 year old phone. :(

Do you think if I used heat to relieve pressure it would die slower, or fix anything? Any suggestions besides a full replacement?


I just noticed that there is artifacting, so maybe its really busted.


It's a good phone and a great display, but very costly. There is really no other way to fix it.


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Alex, looks like your display is going to give out on you. It is right on the area where the digitizer is cracked, which leads me to suggest that you replace your complete assembly. Use this guide to work on it.

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