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An HTC smartphone, also known as the HTC Pico, released October 2011.

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Mother Board IS Dead

My HTC Explorer fell down from bike, i went to htc care they said my cell needed to replace motherboard, which cost Rs.6500.. phone's present value is 2500-3000 RS. so why should i give 6500 RS... I JUST WANT MY DATA...? ANY HELP FROM YOU ?

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tushar, this will depend on what is broken on the board. The only way to get your data back is by trying a repair. Even if you would replace the board, you will not get your data back. It is stored on the original board.

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thank you... so can you please help me how to repair ??


Have you taken a look at the board to check for any visual damage. Anything broken off or any components missing?


screen is creck please repair the phone


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Hi tushar

it seems to be motherboard physically damaged. try to power up the phone with powersupply and connect it to pc via usb cable. if the taken power 10mA to 900mA can assume power part is working, if you already debuging mode on the device try to get data via pc. even if you cannot see anyting on the phone display PC may communicate with PC

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even technician said that motherboard is not working...

how to connect it with PC as cell is not even charging...

and screen is off too...


charge the cell using extranal charger and connect the device to pc and check wheater device detected or not


Bro, motherboard is dead...

phone is not working anyhow...


Oops! Try to find a good condition motherboard from eBay only if you loving to HTC exp

Advice: don’t trust the technician and all the things which they said. Better to find your own way to fix the fault.

if you do right thing your fault may solve

if you do wrong things you will have a good lesson



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I only came here to look at the motherboard can you do a diasembaling of this?

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