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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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7 blink is related to the 10 blinks


thanks to all commentaries, all do have value, thanks.


My Viera plasma 42" blinks 7 times red & cycle into 7 blinks over and over, never stops, unless I push the start button and shots off.

Dust & Fans I can understand very well and easily.

I run everything thru backup batteries {UPS}, where I live if you don't your are dead in matter of minutes.

All cables antenna, sat boxes goes thru ups coaxial protection plus ground spike protectors.

6 years old Viera Plasma TV 720p, during all this time did blowup the water LCD & LED 1080i in a breaze, is unbilibable how perfect is the image, I do have LCD & LED in anothers room when goes in comparison, jajaja nothing to do, nothing to be, Viera blow them of the water right the way.

I will do everything share here to try to rivive my Viera 720i plasma LLCLD & LED TV killer!!!

I will post results, down to the earth, please keep in touch.

Green light I never hear that one before????

Some body please tell me if the 7 blink is related to the 10 blinks or is total different problem!!!


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Charlie, the 7 blink code is a common issue with is with one, both, or all of SC board, SD board, and SU board. The most common failure is the SC board. It was such a big issue that Panasonic even offered a warranty extension because of this. Not sure if that would still apply to your TV, I'd call them at 877-95-VIERA and see if that still works for you. Otherwise you will have to replace the boards. Check for arcing evidence on the mounting screws for the SD board. You also want to post lots of images of your boards and their location with your question. This way we are having a common reference for further issues.

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@tsaldana what make and model?


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