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Entry level Photosmart printer introduced in 2009. Uses HP Tri-Color ink cartridges with a disposable printhead.

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New ink cartridge but says needs new one

I have replaced the color ink cartridge twice but it still says that it needs to be replaced, what is wrong?

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Hey there, tmiller.

Sorry you're having printer troubles. Happens to all of us. :-)

The most likely cause is that cartridges are supposed to have a chip on the front (green and gold in the picture below) so that the printer can recognize them.

Block Image

Some aftermarket cartridges do not have those chips. If your cartridges do NOT have the chip, your printer won't recognize that you have ink. It should still print fine if you can clear the error message though. Try pushing the "OK" or back button and see if that helps.

If there is a chip on the cartridges, I recommend you start by checking if the chip is defective or incompatible with your printer (happens sometimes, especially if ink cartridge is not made by the same brand as your printer). Use your fingernail or a razor blade (carefully!) to pick it off and then try clearing the error like above.

Let us know if you get it to work.


Spencer JR

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