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The Kindle 3 was the 3rd generation of Kindle produced by Amazon. It was sold as a WI-FI or 3G model with 4 GB of internal storage.

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Screen not responsive, what do I do?

The screen is blank! Even with the power switch showing "green" for fully charged. What is the problem? I've tried the charge with the computer--no change and charge via electrical outlet--no change. Is this a hard reset issue? If so, how do I go about doing that without a screen? Is it worth trying to repair? or replace and donate Kindle to some repair tech training location?

Please advise.

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My kindle does not respond to touch


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I had the same problem. The hard reset didn't work. I got the same response from Amazon - but wanted to try to repair it. I replaced the mother board and it solved the problem. I purchased it through PowerBookMedic for $6.75 + shipping. Really easy. The hardest part is popping off the back of the kindle, but it's totally doable. They also have a video that shows you how to take it all apart.

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Thanks Joanna! May try this...I bought a new one but could easily give to a young reader in the family if I get it going.



Hi and thanks. The only problem is that, for some unknown reason, PowerBookMedic will not ship to South Africa. Peter


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After holding the power switch for 40 seconds don't panic if it doesn't immediately reboot. Mine just took about 30 seconds before showing any signs of life. It's okay now.

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I just had this problem too with my Kindle 3 (keyboard).

I forgot to close the window yesterday, and it got cold and the air was slightly damp while charging, so I thought I had completely broken it. I don't think anyone here mentioned that kind of condition in which it happened, but I thought I would - maybe it is a factor of why it happens and nobody thought about it.

Anyway, I had a standby-screen and holding down the power didn't do anything, and neither did anything else I did. So eventually, about to give up I actually found a solution mentioned nowhere else.

I just typed "reset" into the keyboard and hit OK - and it started to reboot!

(not the new-line button, but the one in the middle of the arrow keys)

I admit I didn't think it would work, it was just frustration which made me do it, but it worked :)

PS: I posted this on this thread earlier today - I hadn't realized it was a Kindle-2 thread at the time, as there were some other kindle-3 posts on there

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Thank you so much for the reset clue. It worked perfectly!


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I had the same problem. The only suggestion I found was to hold the power switch in the on position for 40 seconds then release. It did not fix mine but it won't hurt to try. I did contact help from the Amazon site and they had no suggestions. They did offer me reduced prices on both new and refurbished models. Looks like I am due for a replacement! Can't complain after 4 years of heavy usage. Good luck!

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I had a similar problem and this worked for me :)


I also had a similar problem. Holding the power switch for 40 sec. rebooted the the reader and fixed my problem.



Thank you. I held the power switch for 40 seconds and it seems to be working ok now.

Liz McCoard


Thank you! I was about to buy a new Kindle but this resolved the problem,


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