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Sony Blu-ray Player BDP-BX520. Released September 2014, plays Blu-ray, DVD, and over 200 streaming services via Wi-Fi.

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Why can't I play a video from my USB device?

My Sony Blu-ray player advertises the ability to play video from a USB device, but I get an error whenever I try to do so. Does anybody have a solution to this?

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Make sure the USB is plugged in properly. Check to make sure the video is in the FAT32 format. This blu-ray player does not support other formats of videos. If this doesn't work it could be a faulty USB.

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'''i have two dual usb which one is samsung and the other is hp which can be used on both andriod and computer but the problem is when i copy my video on usb from my computer iit does not play on the computer saying there is an unknown error not only videos but also audio documents i can open them

so please tell me what is the problem and how can i fix it'''bold text

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