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Support for the third generation of Chrysler Town & Country spanning model years 1996-2000.

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Why would my van starts but shuts down after a few seconds?

My 1997 Town & Country starts but shuts down after a few seconds. Also tachometer, speedometer and fuel gauge doesn't work. Please advise.

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Sounds like you've triggered the security system which I have done on my own 1999 T&C LXI. To reset first you have to be OUT of the seat. Next use remote fob to lock then unlock and do this a couple times to make sure you have fixed the ignition starting/running problem. It's easy to do this in several configurations, especially when dealing with battery, fuse, selenoid trouble shooting . If you unlock it manually and get in the seat you've triggered the alarm and must reset it so it will run.

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Answer above is correct. As for the dash problem, very common. Most likely a bad solder on the back of the instrument cluster, located at connector. These 2 problems you described usually go together. Re—solder then reset alarm as original poster says, more than likely will solve problem.

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