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The Dyson DC08 is a vacuum cleaner manufactured by Dyson.

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The extendable wand wont lock

the extendable wond wont lock in the extended position

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Sounds like a spring of some sort is missing.

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There are two potential problems with this wand: #1. The rocker latch at the top end of the telescopic part: this is spring loaded, and the spring may have weakened or the metal 'tooth' in the bottom end may not be engaging because the plastic has warped.

More likely, though is #2: the white plastic rings at the bottom of each of the upper two segments have warped so that the three teeth on each are not holding firmly enough.

This is a problem, because they need to be removed and cautiously heated and bent back into the correct shape - and I don't know how to dismantle the wand.

If anyone does know, I will certainly try this fix and report back.

Update (05/26/2017)

Ok - done, but this is easier to wreck than to fix.

#1. If the telescope release rocker isn't holding, you can remove it by levering out the side tabs clear of the plastic mounting spindles and checking the spring (? replace), and consider either heating the body to bend the ends in or pulling out the metal 'tooth' and packing it out 1-2mm.

#2. Bending in the 3 tabs on each of the 2 white plastic locking rings. This means dismantling the telescopic tube _ and it ain't designed to come apart, so there is a high risk of wrecking it.

First remove the bottom plastic end. This is held on by a tab that is just visible through the slot for the accessory lock. It won't push in until you have heated the plastic with a heat gun to soften it, but then you can use a flat-bladed screwdriver and twisting is better tban pulling, because you can push one side easier than the whe thing. Now you can slide off the white plastic locking rings, by levering​ up each of the 6 segments​. The 3 wide tabs can be bent back in (just a little, if you hope to get the thing back together again) after heating​ with a heat gun until the edges begin to char(!)

Now reassemble. Maybe try some .003" shim to ease the tabs over the ends of the tubes. Remember that the slot in the bottom of the lowest tube sbould face the same direction as the release on the handle. Allow 2-3hours and a 30% chance of wrecking it.

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