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Released in October of 2013, the Warp 4G is a budget smartphone exclusive to the Boost Mobile network.

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How do I fix a black screen?

The phone started vibrating and wouldn't stop. I took out the battery and left it out overnight. The vibrating finally stopped but now the screen is completely black.

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Has the phone been dropped or exposed to liquid or any other damage that may have brought on these issues? If you have a warranty still in place I would take the phone in and have it repaired or replaced. If not then try these steps:

If you have your data backed up or don't care about loosing your saved data then you might want to try a hard reset/factory reset. There are three different ways to do this but I am going to mention one because the other two ways require a viewable screen. A hard reset can fix a number of issues with phones but do not always solve the problem.

Make sure, that your phone is off.

Now press and hold these buttons: Volume Down + Volume Up + Power key.

Next from the menu choose "Wipe Data/Factory Reset", using Volume buttons to scroll to option, and Power button, to confirm operation.

Then select "yes", and confirm with Power button.

After that press Power button to enter option "reboot system now".

If this doesn't help then you may want to disassemble the phone and look at the connections inside the phone. Your LCD may have a loose connection and may need to be reseated or it may have been damaged and need replaced.

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what worked for me was letting the phone dry then trying to factory reset. after it opens the option press and hold the power button and it will restart with a viewable screen.


but what if you can't see the screen to choose anything from the menu? I changed the battery successfully and it's finally holding a charge, but I can't see a thing.


Same problem


Porcelain Princez if you followed the correct answer and still have the same issue it is most likely that you a loose connection to your LCD ir a failed LCD


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All i did was open it up and reseat the lcd connection on the board.

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I have the zte but when you do the steps the screen still black so I can’t see to reset . What now ???


I have the ZTE but when u do the steps the screen still black so l cant see to reset amd do anything. What should I do now


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