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The Azpen A701 is a 4GB Wi-Fi tablet running on Android. It was released in July 2013.

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My tablet won't charge. What can I do?

Whenever I try to charge my tablet it will not charge. What could be causing this and how can I fix it?

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you have replaced the charging cable, right?

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Same problem - the tablet crashed and won't boot, then I noticed the charging light blinked erratically and finally refuses to light up. I have tried several known good (tested on my smartphone) cables and wall chargers, and none of them will charge the tablet.


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The battery might be dead. Also, make sure the device is plugged in properly when charging. It is also important to make sure the charger cable is not damaged.

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Any suggestions for where to buy a replacement battery?

Also - would a bad battery keep the tablet from turning on if it's plugged in and charging?


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