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Computer fell and screen does not work anymore

My mid 2011 i7 MBA fell from standing up to lying down, not very dramatic and it was on a carpet. Nevertheless my screen does not work anymore.

It only gives random vertical lines and it changes when I bend the screen slightly. If i try to connect an external screen to the thunderbolt nothing happens.

I took it apart hoping that it was only the connector that might have fallen out of place but seeing it I realise that is not very likely.

I can connect from another computer via screensharing and on the network the macbook works perfect.

Any ideas? The fact that an external screen does not work either, indicates to me that the graphics card might be busted, or?

I am wondering if it is worth buying another screen assembly and change it. Is there any troubleshooting software available to see the function of the onboard graphics?

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Can you give us the last four digits of your serial number so we can correctly identify your system.


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To start with I supect you damaged the LCD in the bang. This will require a new lid assembly.

But what has me scratching my head here is you claim you can't get an external monitor to work but can get access to the system from a second Mac remotely. So, the question is are you sure you have connected the external monitor correctly? If you haven't and you can get it to work then all you need is the lid assembly. But if not that would imply your logic board got damaged in the area where the displays LVDS cable connects with the Thuderbolt connector is located as well.

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Hmmm, elementary... Now I am slightly embarrassed, Have not used external screen for some time and when you asked if I have connected it correctly I realised I didn't have it on pwr supply, a requirement for external screen.

So in short, it works with external screen, what needs to be changed is the screen assembly. Thanks for the nudge.


Happy to hear its just one of those oops! issues on the external display. If you give us the last four digits of your serial number we can aim you to the correct IFIXIT guide and the needed part number for the lid assembly.


Hi, it has been a while but still no screen... The serial no for the macbook is C0281YYDJWR. If you could tell me which part number for the display assembly I would be very grateful.


Here's the correct IFIXIT guide to follow: MacBook Air 13" Mid 2011 Display Assembly Replacement. Here's the Apple P/N 661-5732 or 661-6056 and the IFIXIT part: MacBook Air 13" (Late 2010/Mid 2011) Display Assembly


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