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Quartz analog wristwatch given as a promo for purchasing System 7.5 in 1995

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What watch is this?

Never have seen this watch

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Apple offered an analog watch years ago!

I still have mine ;-}

Maybe someone will offer a watch face that emulates it in the 'new' Apple Watch. Then, I'll think I'll buy one.

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Guys, it's April 1st. They spilled the beans when they said there was no adhesive in the product. Very unapple like.

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Yes, but it is a real analog watch! Apple sold them at there Apple store they had years ago at their campus. That's were I got mine.


No Dan you didn't, and you don't have one! (your statement proves this)

The watch was a promotional item, only offered to people who bought Macintosh system 7.5 back in 1995.

They currently sell online for about $2,000


Back in the day Apple had a swag store at there campus where you could buy Tshirts, mugs and some other nick-nacks. It no longer offers the swag it once did Apple Company Store. I was there for product training and that's when I bought it and a mug. And yes, it was also something you could buy (you got a coupon in the OS package) Back then it was $20 some odd dollars for shipping and handling.


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