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The Ematic FunTab 2 is a 7" Quad-Core 8GB kid-friendly tablet. It comes pre-installed with a variety of educational games, a parental control dashboard, a front facing camera, a 2 megapixel back facing camera, and other productivity apps.

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Why are my speakers not making noise?

The app I am using normally makes a noise, but the tablet is not emitting any sound. I push the "Up" volume button, but that is not making a difference. Why won't the speaker work?

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There are 3 solutions to this problem.

1. Your speaker could simply use cleaning. To clean just use a cotton swab and clean the speaker.

2. The speaker might be out of position. To reposition the speaker remove the faceplate of the device and line it up with the speaker slot.

3. If the first two fixes do not solve the problem you will need to replace the speaker.

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