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An optical disc drive released April 2009, identified by model number iHAS324.

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Why won't my disk eject?

Every time I try to eject the disk from the drive, the tray fails to eject. When I press the eject button a motor sound is heard, but the tray fails to open.

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There may be a disk jammed in the device. You can try and manually open the drive but be careful as the tray may break. Or you might have to take apart the device and replace the disk tray belt.

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It won't read, won't stay open, and won't eject. It's probably 5 years old. CDW sells it for $19.99. If blowing it out with compressed air doesn't fix it, you have to ask how much your time is worth.


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See if there is a small hole above the eject button. Use a straightened out paper clip inserted into the hole to manually eject the tray. This takes a bit of force sometimes. Sorry, I just realized that this is a school project question.


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If the disk tray will not open and remain open, you may need to replace the eject button.

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No No No,

Drive Belt slipping,

I could not find a replacement.

Lite-On is known for this on quite a few of their drives.

Various remedies online are:

1. place belt in boiling water (supposed to shrink belt).

2. use drive belt conditioner.

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