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Micromax Canvas 2 Plus A110Q is a dual-sim Android smartphone by Micromax Mobile launched in May 2013.

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WiFi works for 2 minutes then stops working

Wifi works for 2 minutes, data is transfered, then data transfer stops forever, no matterhow many times I restart the WiFi from the software button.

I restart the phone, switch on the WiFi from the software button, works fine for 2 minutes but stops forever again until I restart the phone.

Have tried all software fixes. Please advise the way ahead.

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Hey Shiv, did you get the solution? I have been facing the same problem.

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Hey tushar!

Yeah I got the solution. I had installed way too many apps on the phone and hence the internal memory got full. Not even 50 mb were left when this started happening.

As soon as I Uninstaledunwanted apps and cleared around 100-150 mb, the wifi module started working again. At least, apparently, it wasn't a hardware problem in my case.

But since this is Micromax, I can't really say whether this would solve your problem too! But do try it out. It doesn't harm anyway.

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My mobile is WiFi connect and fast low

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