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Modell von 2011, A1278 / 2,3 GHz i5 oder 2,7 GHz i7 Prozessor

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Should I back up my hard drive before replacing a part?

I need to replace my front hard drive bracket/flex cable. My hard drive isn't backed up. Should I back up my hard drive before doing this?

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It's always good to have a hard drive backup. It's like insurance, you don't ever want to use it but when things go wrong it's sure nice to have. There is very little probability that changing the cable will bother the hard drive. BTW I use the 2012 cable for this change.

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You should have your data in three places at all times; anything less, and it doesn't exist! Roy Hendrickson's excellent advice from my teenage years.

Why are you replacing the cable if you don't mind my asking?

Keep in mind that if your drive cable is bad, it can be corrupting your operating system, so you should have a backup already as it is possible your data is already on its way out.

Also keep in mind that if you purchased the cable because the internet told you the cable is bad, and it turns out your drive is actually bad... it could mean the drive not working at all even if you try to back it up now. :(

More information please!

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