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The FinePix XP50 is built to deal with the wear and tear of the elements. Repair of this device can be difficult and requires phillips head and hex screwdrivers, as well as prying tools.

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Why won't my camera turn on?

Why won't my camera turn on when I press and hold the power button?

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Mine wont turn on either, the battery is fully charged and inserted properly. I can tell this as the pre-flash light comes on but nothing else, the only way to get the pre-flash light off again is to remove the battery.


my camera come on then tells me to turn on and of again .please help


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The camera most likely will not turn on because the battery is dead or because it has been inserted incorrectly. Try recharging the battery and then carefully inserting the battery back into the camera. To insert the battery correctly match the orange part of the battery with the orange part of the camera.

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I double checked and insert the battery, press on, but still doesn't work.... but it does make a dot dot dot sound.... Plz help


It tried to turn on once, then left the lens extension out. That was the last time it turned on. I have tested the batteries, they are all testing charged. I have a FinePix S2940WM #1TD82038


I ordered a new battery for my camera, thinking that was the problem. I inserted the new battery and nothing happened. I even put it on the charger and let it sit for about 30 minutes and still nothing. Also, how do I charge the battery? I understand plugging my camera into the cord, but is there a different way?


Thank you so much!! My battery inside my camera, was just turned the other way around. It was just newly purchased and was second hand so I thought something might've been wrong about it. I'm so glad I found this post!!


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I noticed environment temperature affect this - a month ago it could be turn on in temperatures below 20°C, now it requires below 18. But (1) I cannot take a refrigerator with me, and (2) after taking it from the refrigerator water wapor condensates on it, especially on optics, making it unusable.

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