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Der Mac Pro ist ein von von Apple Inc. hergestellter Intel Xeon-basierter Desktop Computer. In den meisten Konfigurationen ist der Mac Pro der schnellste Computer, den Apple anbietet. Er ist einer von drei Desktop Computern im aktuellen Macintosh Angebot.

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External Drive Ejects during file transfer

I am using a 2012 Mac Pro Intel and I attempt to transfer files between hard drives that are USB 3.0 connected, as well as other connections from time to time.

More often than not the drives I am copying to will disconnect during the transfer.

the USB 3.0 card I am using is:

[Black Edition,Power Cable included,Compatible with Mac OS X V 10.7.5 or Later and Windows] ORICO PME-4U USB 3.0 4 Port PCI Express to USB3.0 Host Controller Adapter Card , Advanced Version of ORICO PFU3-4P


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This man knows how to ask a good question, per review of all of them! But has never accepted an answer, Your Bad.


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I've had some problems on Mac Pros after upgrading systems sometimes. Even Sonnet cards. Sometimes I have had to wait for new drivers to be developed. The first thing I would do is go to their site and check for driver updates or discussions about system limits and their cards.

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Thanks for the info, I hadn't thought to look for driver updates. This is the 2nd USB 3.0 card I have had. The 1st card seemed to work better but the company said that if I upgraded my OS to 10.10 it wouldn't work. So I did research on this card and in the first month or so it worked well, but not lately.


We may have found it then, did the problems start after a system update?


Unfortunately that computer is at the office, so I will have to give it a try when I get in tomorrow. Update coming soon! Thanks again.


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